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Voigtland is situated 35km east of Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. The farm is approx.1850 meter above sea level and covers an area of 7500ha and is devided into 47 camps. With 8 strong boreholes, approx.30km pipeline and a few hundred km of fencing ,this is a well developed farm .The average rainfall is 350mm per annum , varying between 160 to 1000 mm p.a.

The farm was bought in 1895 by Gustav Voigts who came to then German South west Africa as a trader. Voigtland and its famous Simmentaler stud are today run by Gaby and Stephan Voigts, great-grandson of Gustav Voigts. Voigtland Simmentaler stud has got around 230 cows in production, running in two breeding seasons. Fertility is the most important selection criteria for the females. They are mated at an age of 15-20 months for 45 days only. Every heifer that does not conceive is not kept in the herd as they are not adapted to the environment. We expect every cow to wean a calf every year. Cattle are run extensively, feeding is kept at an absolut low and livestock is only provided with a phosphate supplement in summer and a protein sup in the dry period .

We do performance measurement to have accurate BLUP breeding values for the animals and use only the best sires available. Artificial insemination forms part of our breeding program, mainly to breed our own herd sires out of selected cow lines. Fortunately, breeders have access to GROUP BREEDPLAN Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for a range of traits of importance to each segment of the beef supply chain. Through the careful use of EBVs, together with visual assessment of market suitability, maturity type and structural soundness, it is possible to achieve a high probability of selecting the best animals to meet your particular production situation and customer requirements. Not all economically important traits have objective measurements available. Selection for structural soundness, temperament and “maturity pattern” still requires visual assessment and judgement.

 We offer young bulls at the age of 3 years for sale at two auctions held in Windhoek. One is held during Mai together with the Lared Brahman stud and the other is during September together with breeders from various breeds. We are proud of every animal offered at these sales and thus apply strict selection measures. Come an see our annual offers and dates of the next auction.