Voigtland Nitro sire is VoigtlandNero ,Interbreed Champion 2006 and dams dam was Queenscup winner 1995 , Supercow . a pedigree consisting of our best cow lines 


Jacat  Mocca is the bull that has the biggest impack on our stud in the last years producing excellent daughters and sons

Home bred sire


Voigtland Pedro is a product of our AI program. Pedro has got excellent EBVs , he was BLUP champion bull 2007 in Windhoek and his progeny is very promising

AI Progeny

Voigtland Nero , a structurally very sound bull was also a product of our AI program. Nero was Interbreed Champion bull 2006 in Windhoek

SA Genetics

Salerika Max

Salerika Max UG07202 pictured in his working clothes while running with 58 cows for a planned breeding season. This medium framed bull with good muscle definition and functional efficiency comes from the biggest Simmentaler herd in Southern Africa with high selection pressure.

Young Bull

Voigtland 10 2  is for us a interesting combination of bloodlines. a broad well muscled bull with excellent head. This bull is a 'Blue Bull' consisting of muscle only , not 1 mm of fat is on this bull . Low Birth EBV and above breed average growth and average milk, a bull for the extensive  Namibian production system.

Exciting new sires

Prom-Buschbrunn Tolhek is a medium framed animal, good capacity and well muscled. He keeps his condition very well even when running with 40 cows. Tolhek is a very broad well balanced animal with good hip to pin length and strong forearm muscling. 

Polled sire



 Nawina Els 4de is a polled bull with outstanding EBVs for growth and scrotal circumference. with over 250 progeny analysed the accuracy of his figures is very high. Els is structurally very sound, good depth and good locomotion